Hey, this is Bercem! I'm the one woman that runs it all behind the scenes here. From metalsmithing to marketing, it's all two hands and a big heart to create wearable art that brings joy!


I'm a self taught metalsmith with a Luxury Retail background, lived in several places before settling here, in my home studio in Northern Texas.


I always loved finding unique pieces or altering my outfits to add them something I've never seen before! Mixing&matching different patterns and colors has always been the fun part for me and when i make jewelry that's where i feel the most alive, when I'm able to create something that will make you stop, hold your breath and feel excited!

That ignites something so powerful that i believe creates a bond between you and the jewelry, like a talisman! And that is my joy and purpose to create that piece for you!

So who is Bia ? She is my German Shepherd Daughter who unfortunately said goodbye to us December 2021. She's been a huge part of my life, my soulmate, best friend and what grounded me so her unexpected departure was a pain I've never experienced before which also pushed me to be better at what i do to honor her name and channel the overflowing emotions i was going through. What started as " Bia Design Shop " morphed into " Bia Soul Studio " with her passing. My office is surrounded with her pictures to keep me going and fan the flames to create for you!

Everyday i show up to my studio in the hopes to bring something meaningful and ignites that fire in you! I hope you love what you see here and enjoy browsing through all the pieces 🤍