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Hi there from Bia and I, Bercem! I'm the maker here. The hands, brain&heart behind every little piece.

The passing of my girl is what created " Bia Soul Studio ". While i was going through grief and the immense love i have for her kept multiplying, this became a way to honor Bia and a way for me to pour my emotions into my work.


Meet my precious boy Nazca! He grew up with Bia and has been an amazing support since her passing! You'll see him and my other 4 kids with paws on my IG very often :) As all of my pets he also gave his name to some of my jewelry designs.


Nova Astrid and Nazca! Nova has been a bundle of joy since she joined our family! She carries lots of characteristics of Bia which is so special. We love long walks, spend time in the nature and Nova also had her first beach vacation on our trip to San Diego. These kids are always with me when i work at my home office.


This is me skydiving in Dubai where i actually attended the school and got my license! I love this picture because it always reminds me to look from a different perspective and think out of the box.


From Istanbul to Dubai to the United States and so many countries visited in between! I was born in the south of Turkiye with a Mediterranean soul where the name of Turquoise is actually coming from. I love visiting different places, learning about cultures and of course trying new foods.