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METAMORPHOSIS Ring - Treasure Mountain Turquoise

METAMORPHOSIS Ring - Treasure Mountain Turquoise

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Metamorphosis 🦋 That's what we're all here for..

The cycle of life is not a series of ends and beginnings but only transformations.

Handcrafted to remember..

Stone : Authentic Treasure Mountain Turquoise 

Material : .925 Sterling Silver with all handcrafted embellishments.

8 gauge stamped half round ring band

Size 6

Comes in a box with an anti tarnish storage bag and a polishing pad.

It's not guaranteed that the anti tarnish bag will stop the pieces from tarnishing. Due to their nature these metals are subject to tarnish/change color by time. 

Each piece is handcrafted and might carry some imperfections and traces from the maker which makes every piece unique.

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