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Butterfly Hair Pin || Sonoran Blue Turquoise

Butterfly Hair Pin || Sonoran Blue Turquoise

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This butterfly hair pin and circle, both handcrafted in jewelers brass then adorned with a beautiful Sonoran Blue Turquoise. 

You can wear these on a half up half down hairstyle or adorn a messy bun. Also you can use them to add a little boho touch on your scarf or bandana.

It's about 5 1/2" long and might not hold well if you have a good amount of thick hair on your beautiful head.

Brass is likely to tarnish as it's a natural reaction when in contact with air. If you wish to clean, you can use a polishing pad or an extra fine buffing block.

* Please allow slight imperfections and traces of the maker as each piece is handcrafted one at a time they might carry some marks which makes them unique and one of a kind.

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