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Empire of the sun Earrings - Sonoran Turquoise

Empire of the sun Earrings - Sonoran Turquoise

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These dangles are so full of life! They're handcrafted in jewelers brass with a .925 sterling silver setting that holds the beautiful Sonoran Turquoise.

Hand stamped details, half blackened brass chains and 14k gold filled ear wires.

Length is about 3 1/2" 

Being statement earrings they're quite light and easy to wear.

Brass is likely to tarnish due to its nature when in contact with air as it's the way it reacts. You can use a polishing pad or an extra fine buffer to clean the tarnish on the brass or leave it for a more rustic look.

Make sure to avoid the stones from getting wet as being a soft stone, turquoise is delicate and needs care. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals.

* Please allow slight imperfections and traces of the maker as each piece is handcrafted one at a time they might carry some marks which makes them unique and one of a kind.

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