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Bloom Hair Fork with Agate

Bloom Hair Fork with Agate

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Jewelry for hair! If you're tired of putting your hair up with pens&pencils then get a hair fork :) 

Hand forged in Jeweler's brass, hand stamped for texture&details, sterling silver setting with a thick gauge stick that will hold thick/long hairs. Style it half up half down or a full bun. 

* Brass will likely to tarnish due to its nature. If you prefer the bright&shiny look you can clean it with the polishing pad&cloth provided in the package. Or use a fine/extra fine sanding block to remove the tarnish then shine with pad.

* Each piece is hand forged with love and integrity with the intentions of honoring your uniqueness and our provider Mother Nature.

* Due to their nature some stones may vary in color, shape and size.

* Please allow slight differences and imperfections in each piece as they're hand forged one at a time, they might carry the traces of the maker.

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